How The Stable Bar Works

1. Reach out

In order for us to get you an estimate we need a couple things:  when and how long do you want to party, location (where are we headed?) , how many people, and what you'd like to serve.


2. What's on the Menu?

We want what you want! We can mix, pour, and serve beer, wine, and cocktails. We can help you make the menu that best meets your needs and budget. 


3. Alcohol.

Okay, here's the deal, due to liquor restrictions we can't sell alcohol. We can point you in the right direction where to purchase, help with what to buy, and estimate what you need, but to make it simple. You buy the booze->we take care of the rest. 


4. Time to party.

We roll up with our gorgeous bar to your venue of choice and keep the drinks flowing. You have fun with your guests and when it comes to the bar we take care of the rest. 




The Stable Bar will serve your alcohol for four hours including plastic drinkware, ice, and clean up.


Each additional hour (after four hours) will be a $100.