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We are so excited to be out in the world now! We have had so many compliments and inquiries about our trailer. We are pumped about a bridal expo we will be in on April 8th at His and Hers Salon! We also booked our first wedding in May! Eek

Since there are so many new visitors, we thought we would introduce ourselves and share a peak into our lives.

I'm Emily! I am the mom to four kids who constantly keep me on my toes. The first three of our kiddos are girls! 11,11, and 6. They are each unique and have a bit of sass. We were shocked when we found out three years ago that our last addition was a boy! Sometimes I think we bit off more than we can chew with him! He is a spit fire and one that I would definitely categorize under "Strong-willed". He is catered to by his three older sisters so he thinks he rules the roost. If that doesn't sound busy enough, throw a classroom full of 22 five year olds on top during the day and you have my life as a teacher, mom, and now business owner!

Caison is my husband who spends most of his time up down the railroad tracks as a conductor with CSX. He works a tough schedule and we really do not get to see much of him as he is on call all but 48 hours a week. We are super thankful for his job, but it does get tough when kids need to be in two places at once.

Even though we remain busy, we knew there was something more out there for us. Caison was constantly building furniture for our house, working on cars with his dad, or finding ways to recreate things. Meanwhile, I was usually planning my next event or party for friends/family. We usually host some type of party at our house once a month almost because I thrive when I am entertaining. We decided to start a business based around our strengths individually and as a couple. After months of research and planning, we started The Stable Bar. Caison built the entire trailer on his own. He blew me away with his ability to wire, plumb, and restore this once raggedy trailer. I would throw out ideas like ship lap, mint paint, and chalkboards, and he would bring the ideas to life. We learn more about each other and our business each day. This has been so much fun already and I can't wait to stand by his side in our business and bring fun and drinks to the people around us.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Martin Photography

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